Friday, 24 July 2009

I am back!

What you did not even miss me!

Have been without the computer all this week as somehow Windows had become corrupted, how I am not sure but it still cost me £55.

Had the third session of the clinical trial of the new drug Ofatumumab yesterday and so far so good. No side effects and my hair is growing back. They dont do a CT scan until week 11 of the treatment so I just hope its working. I certainly feel better in my self than I have for a long time. Ofatumumab is not chemotherapy but is a monoclonal antibody.

Saturday is our yearly family get together and there will be about 40 people there so a good chance to catch up with one and other.

Take Care


Sunday, 12 July 2009


Today July 12th would of been my Mothers 85th birthday. Sadly she passed away in August 1998 with heart disease. I know every one says this about there parents but I was blessed with two of the best. My Father passed away when I was 9 in 1961 and my Mother had the job of bringing my brother and myself up on her own. She never complained or moaned although I am sure we must have caused her grief on more than one occasion. In those days state aid was practically non existant, when my brother started secondary school she was offered the paltry grant of half a crown (2/6) which would not even by the school cap!

Some how we all survived though and looking back I realise what a struggle it must of been for her. If somehow she is reading this all I can say is 'Mum thank you'.

Monica Ishbell Friend 1924 1998 RIP

Changing subjects tomorrow the 13th sees the release of the latest CD 'All the Ghosts' by the delightful Gwyneth Herbert. My name is already on a copy at HMV. If you have never listened to her I recommend her wholeheartedly, she is a wonderful singer/songwriter who deserves a lot more recognition.


Thursday, 9 July 2009

One of Eight

Well had the first session of the new treatment today and all went well-apart from the fact that it went on for half as long again as the four hours it was supposed to! Have to back for further sessions of treatment every Thursday up to 27th August.

At least they through in lunch and I had a really nice sandwich salami, turkey and salad with mayo. Not a combination I had ever tried before or even thought about but it was extremely yummy.