Wednesday, 21 April 2010

York Pictures

A few pictures from York (I will not bore you with those museum!) Have not forgotten to continue with my memories and they will return soon!

The Famous Betty's Tea Rooms

City Walls

They don't build them like this now-The Shambles
The Shambles again and yes the chocolates were nice!

The Shambles

Birthplace of Guy Fawkes (reported to be the last man to enter parliament with honourable intentions!)



Thursday, 15 April 2010

The road to hell----

is paved with good intentions.

I have been meaning to do an entry for ages but one thing and another has meant that I have not got round to it. At least spring seems to have returned with blue sky and sunshine today.

I did mean to do an entry on April 9th to coincide with Isambard Kingdom Brunels birthday after reading an article that Network Rail have spent money on cleaning up the entrance to Box Tunnel in time to celebrate the Great Western Railways 175th birthday. Box tunnel at the time of its construction was the longest man made tunnel in the world and on April 9th it is possible to look through the tunnel and see the sun rising at the other end. Some say that this was done by Brunel on purpose others that it is just a happy coincidence!

I am off to York for the weekend fortunately by train and not air! Having been to Iceland I can testify that the volcanoes are certainly impressive, in fact the whole country is rather impressive. It is very expensive and is not a beach/shopping kind of holiday but if you are interested in the natural world it is awesome. Imagine swimming in an outdoor lake where the water is as warm as your bath water!

Will do another entry next week continuing my memories.