Wednesday, 13 July 2011

One month on!

Its exactly one month since my last blog entry.

A lot has happened or seems to have happened in that time.

As you are aware my cancer has been in remission for the last 18 months thanks to a drug called ofatumumab. You can therefore imagine how gutted I felt when I was told that my cancer was beginnining to spread again. I was offered two choices, the first was to have repeat treatment with ofatumumab but that would mean going cap in hand to the governments cancer fund. There is no guarantee that they would agree to fund it despite it now being a licenced drug for the treatment of NHL.

The other option was to go to the Royal Marsden Hospital where they are undertaking a trial of a drug called lenalidomide and I am hoping to be included in this trial. This drug is a derivitive of thalidomide and I have been reassured that it is safe and there will be no chance of history repeating its self.

I am having a PET scan next Wednesday as part of the acceptance procedure.

Sorry if I have not commented on any blogs recently but as I said earlier I feel completely gutted.