Tuesday, 31 August 2010

It was muddy!

After all her hard work at school my daughter and a group of her friends spent the weekend at Reading Festival.

She has shown me the pictures and it looked like a complete mudbath! And the way she described the toilet facilities is probably best left unsaid.

Still at her age these things are not quite so important-me I would rather go and see someone like Diana Krall in concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Must be getting old


Monday, 23 August 2010

Major Celebration and Major Disappointment


As you are probably aware last Thursday was the day the A level results were published. After a couple of jittery days I am pleased, no delighted to tell you that my daughter obtained an A* in Chemistry an A* in physcology as well as a B in physics. This means she leaves school with 12 GCSE's and 7 A levels which makes her poor old dad feel like a has been! She has also obtained a place to study medicine at Hull York Medical school and as you can imagine I am very proud of her.

To celebrate I thought I would take her to Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant at Canary Wharf in London's Docklands. We have been there before and you do not need a reservation so you can imagine our bitter disappointment to find that due to a computer problem the could only take people who had booked and were on there list. We asked if we could book for later in the day and were told in a very defiant way NO. The restaurant was deserted with only about three tables occupied but they still maintained that they could not take any orders, have they never heard of pen and paper. A very disappointing end to what should of been a very special day.


Monday, 16 August 2010

Not going anywhere!


Several people have asked me if i am going to close this blog following my last entry, well the answer is a very positive NO! Over the years starting with the old AOL blogs I have made many friends, indeed some have become close friends so I am not going to walk away.

Some of you may know that I had a check up at the Royal Marsden on Friday but as the consultant was running some two and a half hours late I could not have any blood tests done as the laboratory was closed. Pleased to say that the physical exam showed no problems. Went back to the Marsden after work today for the blood tests and it was the usual set of problems. In my family we have a history of deep veins and this coupled with lots of chemotherapy treatment has made getting blood from me very difficult-today only took 20 minutes to find a vein! Why is it that you feel fine when you go to a hospital but an hour or so after leaving you seem to develop every symptom imaginable!! This coupled with the fact that recently I have been sleeping badly does not bode well for tonight.

Actually the title of this entry is slightly misleading! In September I am going to Le Touquet in France for a week. I originaly wanted to fly from Lydd as they only use 9 seat planes and promised to be something different but sadly they were fully booked and expensive(£149) so I am going to go by train/boat/train at a total cost of £4 each way. There are some advantages of working for the railway! Incidentally the £4 is the port tax fee for using the ports of Dover and Calais similar to an airport tax.

This trip will also allow me to try out my new camera. This has not cost me anything as a friend gave me a carrier bag containing various ink cartridges which I have managed to sell on e bay and use the money raised for the camera! I have never sold on e bay before and never realised how easy it is, if I carry on I might become a millionaire by the millenium after next.

Keep your fingers croosed on Thursday for the A level results, my daughter needs to get an A* in chemistry to get the place she wants at Hull York Medical school but she does have an unconditional place at Peninsular but her heart is set on Hull


Sunday, 15 August 2010

I have finally given in!


One of the ex pupils at my old school has for many years maintained a web site about the old school at CVTHS.com. This is a fascinating site for us 'old' boys as it contains a wealth of information about the school, pupils and masters and gives many an hour of reading and catching up with people.

However times move on and now messages are going to be sent out by Twitter!!! For ages I resisted both Facebook and Twitter but joined FB some time ago and now I can be found Twitter-pating (is there such a word?).

As for the old school I am sad to say that it now appears to be a mere shadow of its former glory.


Monday, 9 August 2010



The year seems to be simply slipping away, here we are in the second week of August and i still have not managed to get away for a holiday yet. Must rectify that. After the coldest winter for years we now have one of the warmest and driest summers- what rain there has been has been negligble. I dont know if its the heat/humidity but just recently I have not been sleeping at all well and I feel absolutely exhausted.

Unusualy for the summer months we have had several power cuts recently.

A couple of weeks ago a new family moved in to the road and the other day they managed to reverse into my car! Fortunately they have accepted liability as my car needs a new wing, front bumper and headlight!