Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Night in Pembury

Its been a week since my 'little' accident.

Went out to post a letter last Thursday and managed to trip/slip/blackout and ended up flat on my face with no movement in my left arm. Fortunately my plight was spotted and an ambulance was called, by the time this arrived I was in complete and utter agony.

Due to the machinations of the NHS I was taken not to the local hospital at Maidstone but as decreed by those who know better to the Tunbridge Wells hospital at Pembury. I arrived into A and E  at 18 04 and the nurse on duty could not of been more helpful, took all my details gave me some morphine and generally was excellant. I only noticed afterwards that his name was Lovemore. Had a cursory examination by the doctor who sent me for x rays. When I got back to a ane e what a difference. Shifts had changed and despite asking for a drink and more painkiller but none was forthcoming for the rest of the evening. By this time I was in agony. As they were not certain why I had fallen they decided they wanted to do an ecg they wheeled the machine into the room and left it there for well over an hour before deciding it was in the way and took it away again!

Anyway by this time they had decided that I had broken my upper arm in two places and were debating if I needed surgery or not, eventually deciding against it. They than put my arm into a 'u' cast and than realised they had not done an ecg. When this was done it eas normal but than decided they wanted to do some more blood tests but as I had been in the department for so long I would have to sit in the waiting area of a ward. Just after 1 in the morning they said everything was ok but would I like to stay in overnight. As you can imagine I had had enough by than and politely declined there offer.

My arm is still very swollen and whilst not in absolute pain its still bad enough. Have an apointment at the fracture clinic in Maidstone tomorrow afternoon .

Hope your week has been better than mine