Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pony Express

You have probably seen the story recently in the press about the man who tried to take his horse on a train in Wales.

This reminded me of an incident a few years ago when I was asked by a customer how much it would cost to take a sheep in a wheelbarrow on a train. Not one to be thrown by customers strange requests I replied that the standard Acompanied Animals and Articles fare would apply. I did not even think the question was genuine.

I was therefore amazed the following morning when the customer returned and what did he have with him-yes a sheep in a wheelbarrow. I never did find out the reason why they wanted to take a sheep on a train, but than there are some strange people out there............


Thursday, 5 May 2011

The ages of man

or I suppose to avoid being sexist this should really be called The ages of men and women-oops should that not be women first but thats a sexist remark in its self!

Anyway when we were young children we all played games pretending to be a grown up. As the years went on we grew up and pretended to be older than we actually were to get to see x rated films and enter that inner sanctum of human life-the pub. None of this however stopped us from trying to get child fares on public transport did it!

As the years went on a lot of us lived by the maxim of that well known advert 'act your shoesize not your age', if that were true I am still in puberty---if only!

Even to this day it still goes on- I had my hair cut today and was given a pensioners discount! This caused me to stop and think (extremely fleetingly) should I be honest and tell the truth or should I celebrate my good fortune and spend the balance in the pub. Not going to say what I chose but lets just say that it quenched my thirst!

However it did give me time to ponder this- I am not 60 until November but please tell me I am not that old-----------someone please!