Thursday, 28 April 2011

You could not make this up-honestly!

Whats just over a metre tall, bright red and can be seen in streets throughout the country. if you dont know sorry but I can not tell you!

Oh ok then I will tell you-its a post box! There was an article in todays Metro newspaper saying that someone had rung Royal Mail to ask where his nearest post boxes were only to be told that they would not tell him as 'this would undermine their commercial value'. Surely telling people where they were increases there use rather than diminishing it!!! Surely if anyone wanted to know the location of a postbox a quick look on Google earth at the desired location will show them!

In my mind I have the vision of men wearing dark glasses, hat pulled over the eyes and a trench coat saying something like 'Psst want to post a letter, I will get Luigi and the boys to deliver it..'

Sounds like another example of the inmates running the assylum to me.

It appears that summer is over at least for the time being and whilst not being a fervent royalist I think the happy couple deserve some sunshine on there big day. There will be plenty of time for the storm clouds to gather over the years but lets hope they don't.

Took myself of to Rye in East Sussex today to have a look at the market there and must admit to being favourably impressed especially when compared to Maidstone market. Thought I might get some lunch at the famous Mermaid Inn but the cheapest lunch on offer was £21! So settled for a can of Coke and a packet of crisps-shere indulgence! Took some pictures which I have not downloaded yet.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Its been ages....

Well it has been ages since I last posted. Life seems to be dragging its normal way although we have had a couple of warm spring like days recently, however true to form its now turned much colder again. I was very happy last night. I do not remember if I have mentioned it on here but I follow Brighton & Hove Albion football club and last night we beat Dagenham 4-3 so that we have reached 90 points and are promoted to the Championship next season. We also move in to a brand new stadium at Falmer in July so things are looking good! I have also been very concerned about a proposal by the BBC to replace most output of there local radio stations with a relay of Radio 5. I realise that there are good and bad BBC local stations but in this area we are lucky to get BBC Kent which is one of the best. In the evening they broadcast 3 hours of the best radio around with Roger Day- its a brilliant show. The rest of the output is very good as well and the line up includes Dave Cash (DC on the BBC). Health wise everything is going well, well almost. My right hand and arm are swollen and having seen three doctors and taken three lots of treatment it is still no better. It seems to go down for a couple of days and than swells up again. The good news is that The Marsden did a scan on it and the lymph glands are all normal so its not a return of NHL. I managed to get a bargain pair of shoes on Amazon the other day. Since going through chemo my feet have become larger, I now take an EE fitting. I saw this pair at a sale price of £15 so I thought I would go for them. When I ordered them I got a discount of £10 so I have a new pair of shoes for £5 which I think is rather good value! Andy