Saturday, 9 May 2009

Not according to plan!!

As you are aware in the latest session of chemotherapy I was due to have RICE treatment with the addition of Gemcitabine. Well the treatment was delayed by a week whilst the powers that be hummed and hahed about it. At the end of the day they decided that Gemcitabine would be of no benefit to me. So I ended up just having RICE chemotherapy and again (touches the nearest bit of wood) I have had no serious side effects.

Well almost no side effects. Was laying in the hospital bed and they came to take some blood at 6 in the morning, quite why they wait until you finally doze off is another matter. Anyway the nurse said to me your hand and arm are swollen, mention it to the doctor when you see him. When I did see a doctor it was about 5 hours later and the response was-it might be nothing or it may be a blood clot, so we will send you for an urgent ultra sound scan. Three days later I was sent home without the scan and had to go back two days later for the scan. Fortunately it showed that there was nothing wrong and my arm has now gone back to normal. However no one has given me an explanation of what happened. Was it a clot which dispersed quickly or was it a reaction to the drugs??

As to the future I have to have another session of chemo before I go to Kings College hospital for stem cell harvesting which is something that I accept as inevitable now and I am sure its the way forward but for some unexplainable reason it still worries me-maybe its fear of the unknown or even just fear! I have always been the worlds worst patient and I am finding it very very frustrating sitting round at home. I have to see the consultant again on Tuesday afternoon so maybe the plans will change.



Beth said...

I'm sorry they didn't have an explanation for your swollen arm. I'd sure want to know what caused it!

Jane said...

Unlikely to have been a clot Andy - having had one myself I know how long they take to disperse, even with drugs. I love the way the 'urgent' scan was 5 days later though!
Have you been told what will be involved in harvesting your stem cells?

Angie said...

I would feel nervous of the stem cell thing as well but - worse in anticipation than in effect, let's hope.

love, Angie, xx

Anonymous said...

Even if I read and was told all the information about anything medical.....I'd still walk away with anticipation. It's a natural thing to be nervous. I'm thinking of yer. Rache