Friday, 26 June 2009

All far!

Went to hospital today to sign the consent forms for this new treatment. All went well in the usual pre treatment tests-blood pressure, ecg etc.

Have to back next Tuesday for a bone marrow biopsy, that is something to look forward to!

If everything goes to plan I start the new treatment on july 8th and is an injection once a week over a period of eight weeks followed by a whole series of checkups.

One good thing about this kind of tratment is that it does not involve any hairloss, its only just starting to grow back after the chemotherapy.

Another plus is that it does not involve any overnight stays in hospital--I think I have had my share of hospital food this year!



Beth said...

Sounds very promising, Andy! Wonderful!

Angie said...

Fingers crossed then. Don't fancy bone marrow biopsy much but...... if needs must eh?

Anonymous said...

Where possible I would always opt for returning home, I think your own comforts help more in getting you better, so I like that bit Andy. Good luck on Tuesday and with the treatment. Will be thinking of yer. rache

Anonymous said...

just passing by and saying good luck today. rache

Liz said...

If thoughts could aid your full recovery you have all mine.