Thursday, 4 February 2010

My kind of shopping!

I had cause to visit a local supermarket today-you probably know it as the one where every little helps.

Well it certainly helped today, I spotted a packet of flaky pastry mince pies reduced from £1 to 40p and being a sucker for mince pies into the basket they went. When I reached the checkout they went through at the original price of £1 and when I queeried the cashier voided the transaction and gave me a refund of £1.20!

As they say every little helps!



Sybil said...

Good for you...hope you were patting your back pocket as you left th shop !!!

Love Sybil

Jan said...

Well done ,,,we all like a bargain ,enjoy your mince pies hee hee Jan xx

Liz said...

That Essentially Sorts the Cost Out and
Teaches Everyone Something Costs nOut!

Anonymous said...

You'll enjoy those mince pies even more now :)


Linda George said...

I tpays to keep your eyes open. The funniest was years ago, when in the same shop I bought two sirloin steaks for £4.50 (I said it was a long time ago) When the assistant pushed the button for the total, it was £500. Hubby and I fell about laughing, when we looked the steaks had gone through at £450!!!

Hope you are feeling well. xx

Angie said...

Enjoy your mince pies Andy!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Well done Andy you did get a bargain ~ I know you will enjoy those mincepies ~ Ally x