Wednesday, 21 April 2010

York Pictures

A few pictures from York (I will not bore you with those museum!) Have not forgotten to continue with my memories and they will return soon!

The Famous Betty's Tea Rooms

City Walls

They don't build them like this now-The Shambles
The Shambles again and yes the chocolates were nice!

The Shambles

Birthplace of Guy Fawkes (reported to be the last man to enter parliament with honourable intentions!)




Ally Lifewithally said...

Lovely pictures Andy ~
Look forward to reading more of your memories ~ Ally x

Jeanie said...

I remember York well Andy. I didn't get to the train museum as planned. We ran out of time. I hope you enjoyed it. 'm sure you did.
We walked all the way round the wall. Well..I hung on to the wall in places because of my vertigo. lol But I made it around to the artists studio underneath Yourk Bridge.
Super photos. It's just as I remembered it. Looking forward to your memoirs again.

Liz said...

Thoroughly enjoyed looking at the enlargements of the photographs when I clicked on them.
I am sorry to see that 'Mad Alice Lane' was renamed with something far less memorable!
I hope that the fine art of York remains a great memory for you.
I still maintain that Chester has better Roman walls!

Angie said...

Guy Fawkes born in York?!! I didn;t know that. My education is sadly lacking.

Well you've whetted my appetite now for visiting York this year! We almost live on the doorstep and we haven't been for years.

Beth said...

The little shops look so charming! Thanks for sharing!

lynn said...

hello :) x

pam said...

Hi Andy. Great Pics. My mother would call me a shambles If I was In a mess! lol. I love chocolate so much I pictured myself being In there! lol.x

ADB said...

York is one of my favourite English cities, even if it's a tad touristy. I can guess which museum you went to!