Monday, 10 January 2011

New Year

Well we have finally made it into 2011!

I have to say that the Christmas and New Year period has been very traumatic for me and if I needed proof that the decisions I have made are the correct ones than it certainly has been.

At the moment I am not going to say any more but those I have chatted to over the holiday period know what is going to happen this year and I would like to say a big thank you for your love and support it has meant rather a lot to me.

Healthwise I am pleased to say that I have no symptoms but the three monthly cycle of CT scans and consultant visits starts again on 14th February at Maidstone followed on the 18th with a 6 monthly check up at the Royal Marsden. Only I could spend Valentines day having a scan and not with someone special... oh well theres always next year--I hope.



Sybil said...

Good luck whatever happens in 2011 to you Andy. I will look forward to reading all about it...

Angie said...

Andy, you are so mysterious! Wel, whatever it is I wish you the best of everything.
love, Angie, xxx

Jeanie said...

All the best of good wishes are being sent your way for 2011 Andy. It is about time you got a better hand of cards.
Good luck with your health, personal issues and your scans.

Odds Bodkins. said...

i hope those CT scans keep on keeping clear Andy.
All the best for 2011.


ADB said...

Wishing you strength this new year, Andy, and continuing good health through 2011

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Healthy New Year to you Andy.

❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

Hope you have a good year and good health.