Friday, 14 November 2008

Old Age Beckons

Dont know if anyone else saw the programme on ITV 1 tonight about increased life expectancy. The forecast aparently is that we will soon live to be 150. I dont know about anyone else the thought petrifies me. I will be 57 in a couple of weeks time and I am beginning to look forward to retirement in a few years time- 30 years plus of shift work takes its toll! It will be nice to have more time to myself and to do the things that I enjoy but if I live to be 150 I honestly think that I would end up being a burden on both state and society and being the individual that I am I would not wish that.

Talking of TV its Children In need night again today. Its something I tend to avoid although I know that it raises vast amounts of cash for very worthy causes. Tonight there is a good reason to watch (or at least listen) to it. Its being co hosted by one of my favourite jazz singers Clare Teal who is worth a listen any time. To be honest though I actually prefer Clare Martin!


Delores Getmeslippers said...

Happy Birthday for a couple of weeks time!

Odds Bodkins. said...

I agree on both counts Andy. I don't want to live to 150. (Actually, I doubt I'll make it much past 70, and that's okay with me.)
Ans children in need leaves me cold. sure, it raises lots of money and awareness, that's always a good thing, just so long as I don't have to watch it. Gawd, save us from Terry Wig-on!


Beth said...

Unless your peers also live to that age, I think it would be really rough to have everyone leave you!


suechef said...

Didn't hear Clare teal at all!

sparkx said...

I do believe the government are going to make some changes in the near future to cope with the fact that we are all living longer, and they ain't gonna be popular changes *sigh*

WV Hambil - a cross between a hampster and a gerbil?

Sandra said...

Hi Andy, 150! How awful that would be. I`m 57 in March and that would be almost my whole lifetime over again. Only this time I would be starting out as an almost geriatric! Can you imagine a world full of 150 yr olds? Oh dear me NO!

Love Sandra xx

The Cheshire Cat said...

I staggered right into Old Age but I am now busy waving it goodbye as I see my second childhood beckoning me:)Liz

pam said...

Hiya Andy. I am here at last! 150 eh?... No Thanks! lol. I agree with you 100%. Love Pam xx