Friday, 7 November 2008

It seems to have been lonher

In fact its only been since 30th October that I last posted. The reason for my absence-my computer gave up the ghost and remedial treatment cost me £90 ouch!

So the American dream has come true Barak Obama is President elect of America. I have got to admit that I do not follow American politics although perhaps I should as what ever happens in Washington has a knock on effect throughout the world.

However what peturbs me was an article that I read in a newspaper to the effect that the American dream may well become thr American nightmare in so far as they reckon Obama might not make it to his inaugeration day as certain elements wish to remove him, hence the amount of security around him including 3 inch bullet proof glass. What price freedom.

In fact I am not really interested in British politics amymore. Until about 10 years ago I was a card carrying fully paid up member of the Liberal Democrats In fact I even spent time helping to distribute election material. The reason I was enthusiastic was that the candidate was honest and said that as a member of a minority he could not promise to reduce taxes or other wonderful things but he would do his best for all his constituants regardless of ther political persuasion. Come election night he polled so few votes that he lost his deposit. Incidentally the candidates name was Stephen Jaquobi who has gone on to become a prominent lawyer.

My ongoing battle with AO Hell continues and will do so until I recieve my laptop or a refund plus. The latest twist is that they rang me up and said that they would reduce my monthly payment to £14.99 and even though I said I had a letter from them saying it was going to be £6.99 he knew nothing about it. I will NOT give up on this one.

I have also found the pictures that go back to my days as a skinhead and my first love. I might publish a few later but at the moment I am wallowing in nostalgia, people-places- clothes etc. I suppose skinhead fashion was the ultimate unisex fashion statement. Short hair, jeans, braces etc we all wore the same.

Take care



Beth said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems! Glad you're back up and running.

I believe that the talk of the "American nightmare" is bunk. I'd be willing to bet that the Secret Service is especially vigilant, and although we have our share of "haters" here, they won't be able to get to him. It's horrible that there are those that would wish to do him harm. I don't believe they will succeed.

Oh, you really have to put up some of your pictures! We'd all love to see them!

Hugs, Beth

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hi Andy, sorry to hear you've had pc problems. I'm having a few myself and they're no fun.

Good luck with the ongoing battle with AOL.

I was a hippy and we were not allowed to like skinheads so, BOO, HISS. ;O)


ada said...

AOL recently raised my rate while slipping the rug right out from under me. I should call them and tell them that since they have been taking things AWAY I should be paying less. Oh, but the big company never understands the concept of giving us what we pay for!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Andy sorry you were having Computer problems ~ That really did hit you in the pocket £90 OUCH !!! ~ good luck with your battle with aol I think a lot of people are considering leaving them ~ still cannot understand why they choose to remove our journals :o( ~ Love to see some of those old pictures of you ~ Ally x

sparkx said...

I have been paying AOHell 19.99 for a couple of years, was only recently I found out I should have been paying only 14.99, I managed to get a laptop out of it, I am giving it to jack for Christmas. I think even 14.99 is a huge price to pay for the misery AOHell causes.

As for Obama, or whatever, I avoid the media so much I didn't even know what voting they were talking about the previous evening, I thought it was something to do with the X Factor.