Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Ghost of Bluebell Hill

Back in February I did a blog entry about the ghost on Bluebell Hill. I have just received an anonymous comment on that entry so I am going to reply through here in the hope that the reply reaches the right person.

I must first of all point out that I have only lived in the Maidstone area since 1990 some 25 years after the fatal road crash which is supposed to have caused the haunting. Therefore the only information I have about the incident is what is freely available on the internet and I have no pictures other than those that are available on the websites. In my original posting I did cast doubts if this crash was the cause of the haunting especially as the sightings vary from a 10 year old girl through a young woman to an elderly person.

Sorry that I can not be any more help and I hope you manage to pick this message up.


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Liz said...

I believe space and time are linked in a way we as yet do not understand.
Until gravity is brought into a theory that describes all the forces in our universe and gives us the ability to explore the new dimensions that will be opened we will continue to misunderstand much that happens around us.