Saturday, 21 November 2009

If you do not like the word....

I am slightly amused by a news item today.

One of the leading insurance companies has just launched a competition to replace the word pension as apparently the younger generation consider the word has connotations with getting old. The prize is £4953 the amount of state 'pension' a single person receives! Why change a word that surely everybody knows and understands. No matter what you call it you should start saving for it about 10 years before you are born to enable you to retire in a modicum of comfort in your old age.

Mind you certain words in the English language conjure up images which are not strictly true. For example the word spinster means an unmarried woman but can conjure up images of a Miss Havisham kind of character.

On a personal note I saw the consultant at Maidstone Hospital the other day and he is suggesting that I return to work. As a result I am seeing the company doctor next Tuesday. The consultant said that I look very fit and healthy and am not exhibiting any symptoms of NHL there is a good chance that the Ofatumumab is still working on the tumour. Time alone will be the answer to that one I think. I have a CT scan booked on December 21st and see the consultant on January 5th.

As for going back to work it sounds like a good idea as I have 30 days leave to use up by the end of the year!



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you get to go back to work.

As for pensions, we are all going to get old, so saving for retirement needs to be encouraged, not watered down.

Liz said...

How about 'Rainbow's End?'
After the deluge of work has been met throughout our life we should all see the rainbow as a promise that not only the work will one day cease but that the pot of gold is held safely for us...That is how insurance companies want us to think!

If I were you Andy I would take every day as a holiday from now on unless you enjoy your work more than relaxing and walking in the New Forest!

Angie said...

Hi Andy - Have you noticed how the feminine forms of some words have actually become terms of abuse? Cow and bitch come to mind.

If you feel like going back to work, you go - my thought.

What's wrong ewith the word 'pension' I wonder? A word I hate is 'benefits' - might they change pension to 'Senior Benefit' or Retirement Benefit? Work-free Allowance might not be so bad. Nah, we know what we mean with 'pension'. And what about Chelsea Pensioners? Answers on a postcard......

Linda George said...

Glad to hear they think you're well enough to go to work, that must be a good sign.

Linda x

Beth said...

Sounds like encouraging news, Andy!