Friday, 18 December 2009


Well the weather won today. There were no trains from Maidstone and the roads that were not blocked were gridlocked. So I missed my appointment at the Royal Marsden. Fortunately have been able to rebook it for January 15th.


Angie said...

When I saw the weather forecast I hoped you didn't have anywhere to be. They're not very sympathetic, are they, hospitals, when it comes to the incalculables?

Sandra said...

How awful Andy, why does everything have to come to a standstill here when after all it`s not really a huge amount of snow.

Love Sandra x

ADB said...

A shame, Andy, but cannot be helped. Good luck on Jan 15th.

Liz said...

I do not see you as defeated, merely delayed.
Time gives us all a stage.
You have yet to walk on yours that waits to welcome you as a hero.

Anonymous said...

We can't do much about delays, they throw that spoke in the wheel quite often. I know I get apprehensive of any appointment I have, so I think I'd just say right!! I'm going to enjoy my Christmas......and know that the 15th will come when it comes.


pam said...

Hey Andy. This weather has been playing havoc. Glad you got the appointment for January. Always thinking of you even though I am hardly here. Just wanted you to know that. Love Pam.xx

Funnyface said...

Hi Andy
I hope the snow has now left Maidstone ! Good luck with scan results and your next appt on the 15th.
You are in my thoughts.
Big Love
Jaynee X