Sunday, 6 December 2009

So much for digital!

As you are probably aware the UK government wants us all to switch to digital broadcasting in the next few years and drastically reduce the amount of broadcasting on FM.

I have had a DAB radio for the last couple of years and to be honest the quality is only as good as FM. This morning I tried to tune in to one of my favourite radio stations Jazz FM which despite its title is only on DAB and on line. The only stations that i could pick up were the BBC national ones which are broadcast from there own multiplex. Even the BBC locals were off air (still on FM though) which is rather a disturbing thought as it is these stations that we rely on in an emergency, this is what happened in the recent floods when BBC Cumbria slaughtered the comercial opposition with there news and information.

After about an hour DAB came back, the reason being that there had been a failure with the UBS line at the Croydon multiplex causing loss of DAB throughout the South of England.

In this instance UPS stands for unbreakable power supply! What would happen if there was an emergency as in Cumbria and there was no AM/FM backup? I think someone somewhere needs to do a rethink!



ADB said...

This digital transfer is going to lead to a lot of problems on the way, Andy, quite agree

Liz said...

Unbreakable Power Supply -is equivalent to- Usual Political Stupidity.

Why do I see a picture of the Titanic ... sinking?

Anonymous said...

I haven't walked into the world of DAB radio yet I'm old style AM/FM. I know I'd be a bit disorientated if it having tea with no bread for toast for breakfast.You expect things to always be there, so I hope your DAB radio plays it's part soon cos I know you like your music. Good to see you feeling well.
rache x