Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Now that the big freeze seems to be relenting if only for a short while it seems to be as good a time as any to start reminiscing.

To understand my memories and attitudes I suppose you really ought to know something about me!

Well I was unleashed on an unsuspecting world at the unearthly time of 5.11 on the morning of 29November 1951. Like a lot of people I can not say that I remember anything of my childhood before starting school. I can even remember my first teachers name-Miss Williams. Life at home was I suppose fairly ordinary with one major exception. My father ran his own cycle repair shop and even in those days small traders were struggling and my parents spent a long time deciding to sell the shop and take a paid position as a manager therefore ensuring a regular income. In the end they decided to sell. My Mother even delayed buying the Sunday joint until after 4 on Saturday afternoon when the local butcher reduced the cost by a shilling.

Money might not have been plentiful but two things were, love and respect. These two things have stayed with me all my life and they are still very important to me. Love is a strange thing to describe, I never use the word with anything but the utmost sincerity.

Sadly my Father died in 1961 and in the last year of his life he could not manage to climb the stairs and he slept downstairs and many mornings I would wake early and go downstairs just to talk to him. Despite his illness he was adamant that life should go on and not stop just for him, an attitude that I have followed during my illness. Probably every body says this but my Father was a great man and in those conversations he taught me a lot of life skills especially on an interpersonal basis.

After my Father died we spent every Christmas with my Grandmother and I well remember Boxing Day 1962 and when it started snowing in the evening one of my Uncles said 'it will turn to rain by the morning'! Well as history records it did not and it snowed every day until March.

In those days the benefits that are available now simply did not exist and my Mother must have struggled to bring us two boys up. This was something that I was aware of at the time but only realised the enormity of it in later years. Again I have learnt another lesson here- people are more important than any possession. Even to this day my philosophy has been to try and help people be happy and content.

I hope this explains something of my attitude to life and even though my life is fragile due to cancer With all sincerity I hope that part of my legacy will be that I spread just a little love and care.

On the subject of health my appointment at The Royal Marsden is this Friday.



Liz said...

Your e-mail to me said you hoped I understood your entry.
I do understand both your entry and your need to post it.
You had a parents to be proud of and they had a son to be equally proud of.
I am proud to have met you in this virtual medium and hope to know you even better in the future.
Liz X

ADB said...

Thank you for sharing your early memories with us, Andy. It does explain your attitude to life, which comes through even more now that your health is fragile. Will keep you in thought on Friday, looking forward to your update.

Michelle said...

Hi Andy,

I;ve only been reading your blog for a short time- but I do understand it and I think your parents did a great job raising you! Just by reading your words - and memories - can tell so much about you - you are one of the "good ones" "

You are in my continued prayers!



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

That is why you are a good man Andy :o)

Sybil said...

That was great Andy. I do love when we can share where we are coming from and it is so true that what we learn as children does stay with us throughout our lives.
Thats where loving caring parents are so important. I am glad we were both blessed with that. Thank you for sharing...lookng forward to next episode.
Love sybil x

Funnyface said...

Hello Andy
That was a lovely entry. It is plain to see that your father lives on in you.
Take care and keep well
Good luck on Friday.
Big Luv
Jaynee X

Linda George said...

Thanks for the entry, it brings to mind a lot of memories my own early years. Hope you hear good news on Friday.

Linda xx

Jeanie said...

Dear Andy

I just wish more people were brought up in the same way as you were. Many modern youngsters miss out on parental love and guidance such as yours and mine.
Thanks for sharing your earlier memories
Good luck on Friday!