Saturday, 24 July 2010

Well I never knew that!

This year is the 100th birthday of the humble OXO cube.

What I did not know was that it originated here in Kent. Having lived in Kent all my life I had never even heard of the developer or knew that he lived in nearby Hawkhurst.

Charles Gunther was the owner of the parent company that developed the cube and his house is now a private school.

The name of the company just trips of the tongue, 'The Liebig Meat Extract Company'

Off to have a cup of Bovril!



Jan said...

Oh Andy ,what would we do with out our OXO's ,my mince would never be right with out two of those little cubes crubbled into it hee hee , Jan xx PS I have posted ,if you want to have a read

Angie said...

Heck, we use them by the ton in this house cos Keith drinks them. Bovril really doesn't cut the mustard. I never knew that either -oxo, Kent? For some reason I thought they came from Argentina.

Liz said...

Crumble it in olive oil and paste your steak with the best seasoning ever created for a well-cooked piece of beef. Especially recommended for the barbecue to beat all without the need of any ‘underhand’ actions.
Or try the chicken OXO and paste your sunday bird before you put it in the oven. If you add a few fresh herbs(i.e. thyme and sage) you can even persuade yourself you are worthy of the compliments that will undoubtedly ensue.
If you have a conscience then show your guests where you picked your herbs.
Both thyme and sage are easily grown, even in a window box!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Andy I never knew this ~ but was glad to learn where the OXO cube originated ~ My Sunday Roast would not be the same without the Oxo cube ~ Ally x

Funnyface said...

Of course the Oxo cube comes from Kent, all good things do ...... did i tell you i was born there? he hee!
Like everyone else that has commented i also use hundred of those cubes and i especially like to drink them on a cold winters morning :o)
Big Luv,
Jaynee x

Odds Bodkins. said...

Thanks Andy, so now we know who to thank for all the yummy gravy we've consumed over the year. I remember buying oxo flavoured crisps from the tuck shop at school. Mmmm.


Sybil said...

I never knew that either Andy...we learn somthing new every day !!
I actually had forgotten about the OXO cube and went to find some in the cupboard....guess what we had last night !!
LOve Sybil x