Monday, 9 August 2010



The year seems to be simply slipping away, here we are in the second week of August and i still have not managed to get away for a holiday yet. Must rectify that. After the coldest winter for years we now have one of the warmest and driest summers- what rain there has been has been negligble. I dont know if its the heat/humidity but just recently I have not been sleeping at all well and I feel absolutely exhausted.

Unusualy for the summer months we have had several power cuts recently.

A couple of weeks ago a new family moved in to the road and the other day they managed to reverse into my car! Fortunately they have accepted liability as my car needs a new wing, front bumper and headlight!



Jan said...

We havent had a holiday either ,as you say the time just flys ,so sorry to hear about your car ,at least they admitted it ,there is always something isnt there ? Jan xx

Sybil said...

Poor you Andy or should I be saying poor car !! as Jan says there is always something.
The weather I am sure has somthing to do with your tiredness, it has the same affect on me. When the weather has been so good as it has with us I don't feel like going on holiday just enjoying every day the sun comes to visit...Having said that it looks like we are having a wet day today !! but better to come again,,
Love Sybil xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Glad your new neighbours admit liability for your car ~ I think the heat and Humidity has something to do with not being able to sleep properly ~ Hope you manage to get that holiday booked Where are you going ????
Ally x

Odds Bodkins. said...

I agree,this year seems to have flown by!
Good job the neighbours were honest. It's still a lot of hassle though, you and your car will both need a holiday by the time you get it fixed.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It has been an unusual winter/summer.

Liz said...

Reverse is the hardest manoeuvre anyone can make in car especially if it is not equipped with early warning proximity sensors. This move will register an amount of stress for the driver.
Add a house move. The greatest stress most of us will ever feel (except perhaps divorce). Under such is it not understandable that the hardest manoeuvre in a car will be seen as so much less; requiring so much less attention.

I hope you can welcome your new neighbour with understanding.

My heart goes out to you and your new neighbours and my wish that both blend well with their surroundings stands silently alondside this post.