Wednesday, 8 December 2010

30 Years

Its funny how time slips by isn't it.

Its thirty years today since John Lennon was killed in New York. Like the day JFK was shot its one of those events which becomes ingrained in your mind and what you were doing when you heard the news.

In my case I was working an early turn and heard the news on the car radio and I simply had to stop and listen to the news, apologies to the people in Crockenhill village where I stopped if I woke them up but some things are so important that you just have to do what you have to do.

People of my age (I was born in nineteen hundred and frozen to death) will remember the great impact the Beatles had on the music scene. I remember having to queue to see there films whose release somehow always seemed to coincide with when I was on holiday, so I saw there films in places as diverse as Weymouth and Plymouth. On the subject of the cinema in Plymouth at the time it was a brand new state of the art cinema but now if it still exists its probably a bingo hall.

I was going to be clever and put a link to a classic Beatles track on here but somehow I could not do it, old age creeping up on me! We are so used to having such a wide choice of music on the radio but back in the 60's apart from the BBC Light programme the only pop music station was Radio Luxembourg which in our infinite wisdom we called Radio Buxomgirl! The BBC were very restricted as to how much recorded music they could play so they recorded groups themselves, a friend of mine has a copy of the Beatles session recorded at Maida Vale for Saturday Club. Think I should go and borrow them. On the subject of Saturday Club it was presented by the legendry Keith 'cardboard shoes' Skues a must listen every Saturday morning.

Returning to the Beatles I wonder how many people remember there original name? I wonder if they would have been so succesfull if they did not change there name. I can never remember the name of the 5th Beatle.



Jan said...

Where on earth did those thirty years go ? it seems like only yesterday ,imagine that (cue for song/s) Jan xx

Angie said...

Was it the Quarrymen? Seems to ring a bell. Can you remember who presented Saturday Club before Keith Scues? And didn't you have your lughole pressed to your tranny every Sunday at 4pm for Pick of the Pops?

Jeanie said...

I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg, often falling asleep with it on, whilst lying in bed with the sound turned low. I thought nobody else could hear it; but Dad pulled the plug on me many a time. lol
Those were the days Andy.
Time has flown since John was killed. Much too fast for sure!
Jeanie xx

Odds Bodkins. said...

Brings back memories of the Pirate radio days when I'd listen to my tranny under the bed covers.

The fifth Beatle was Stuart Sutcliffe - or was it Pete Best?


Ally Lifewithally said...

As Jan said where did those 30 years go ~ It is frightening how the time fly past ~ Ally x

Paula Lee Bright said...

Pete Best. I enjoyed your post. I was so upset on the 30th anniversary that I couldn't write a decent post about it.

Still in love with John, in a way.