Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas Eve 1910

Yes 1910!

In the early morning of Christmas Eve 1910 the Scottish Sleeper train from London St Pancras collided with two locomotives in the high Pennines just north of Moorcock tunnel north of Hawes Junction & Garsdale station.

Fortunately the loss of life was mercifully small and the basic cause of the accident was a mistake by the signalman at Hawes Junction but the underlying causes are also a major factor in the incident. It was reading about this accident that gave me an interest in human nature and how life in general has improved over the years and also how even the most modern technology can be defeated by circumstance and human fallability.

It will take to long on here to explain all the circumstances of the accident but by following the links on the Railway Archive web site the full investigation and report can be read. In this day and age we take for granted things like ambulances both road and air but back in 1910 the only way to get medical help was to send a train down the branch line to Hawes to summon the local doctors. Survivors and casualties were also removed on another train. The whole report is a fascinating insite in to life 100 years ago.

Things have certainly changed in the last 100 years and on a personal basis there are going to be some major changes in my life.



Sybil said...

Hi Andy, we certainly are very fortunate to live in the times we do. There may be many many problems and injustices but nothing when one takes the time to look back only a very few years really...
Exciting/ changes ?? sooon ?? waiting further news...don;t keep us in suspense too long LOL
Sybil x

Jeanie said...

Hello Andy!
We are very lucky to live nowadays. Help can just be a helicopter ride away in an emergency. In those days people would have died possibly because they had no wa to pay the doctor, let alone gain help in dire circumstances. It does make you think.
I'm with Sybs. Cough up and let's know what's going on. lol

Jeanie x

Ally Lifewithally said...

Yes Andy we are so lucky to be living today when ambulances and Helicopters can reach almost anywhere in just a few minutes ~ Technology has come a long way since those 1910 days ~ Ally x

Angie said...

Andy, I absolutely love it when you do an entry like this! And what could your 'major changes' be? Give give give!!!!!

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hi Andy, hope all the changes are for the better.
Happy Christmas.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderous new year.