Sunday, 6 February 2011

A cure for cancer?

It is not often that I feel the need to buy a Sunday newspaper or on any other day come to that as there are plenty of free newspapers uch as The Metro and Kent On Sunday as well other media sources.

However today whilst browsing in the supermarket today I noticed the headline in the Sunday Express stating that in the next 15 years cancer deaths will be the exception rather than the rule and it will be controlled in a similar way to diabetes etc.

The article went on to say that there are some 500 new cancer drugs coming on to the market and the future looks bright, however they did sound a note of caution that whereas the treatment may be there the funding for it might not be. This is something that concerns me greatly as you may remember that back in 2009 I was only given months to live but thanks to treatment with a trial drug I have been back at work for 15 months now. This drug has now been licensed for treatment but the NHS will not fund it! Who are the people who make these decisions that money is more important than someones life.

It is a sad fact that 1 person in 3 will be affected by cancer and have recently lost two friends and have heard that 2 people I know at work are in the early stages of cancer. Whereas I consider myself very lucky to still be here thanks to a trial drug and the love and support of friends. Sadly not everyone is going to be so lucky.



ADB said...

I share your hope that the number of cancer deaths will soon fall. However, you know that cancer comes in thousands of different forms, affecting different body systems in a variety of ways. "A" cure for cancer does not exist, and never will. And the 500 drugs in the pipeline will only make a small impact. Sorry to be a wet blanket.


Sybil said...

It is a lovely thought about cures for cancer, I think like Guido there are sure to be some cases that will never respond to any new treatment. However we must always live in hope. As ofr funding that is another matter altogether. I do think that in teh years to come people will have to realise that if they want treatments other than a few available free...they will have to pay. (We in Great Britian are live amongst the most priviledged as we have treatment almost all cases...) We have become so used to having things as needed it is going to be a very hard idea to swallow...
Keep smiling.
love Sybil x

Odds Bodkins. said...

It's my guess that the people who make such decisions are those who have plenty of money. It's a sad world when cash comes befoe saving lives but that's the way it is these days.


Technogran said...

I couldn't agree more! Its a sad fact that all of the research into new Cancer drugs all cost huge amounts of money, and that the cash strapped NHS simply can't afford to provide everything. Priorities have to be made, after all, in this country we are lucky to have the NHS, other countries have to pay for everything. There are currently two new Cancer vaccines for my own Cancer being trialled in the US and they are getting some very good results where Chemotherapy has failed but whether we will ever get them provided over her is a moot point.