Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some good news

I have the result of my latest scan and I have been told I am in complete remission!!!!

Sometime ago I mentioned that the 5 year old daughter of one of my facebook friends has aplastic anemia. She is now undergoing bone marrow transplant at Bristol Hospital and her mother says she likes receiving cards. If you would like to join me in sending a card to is
Daisy Meely
Level 7 BMT Ward
Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
Upper Maudlin Street

I am sure she will apreciate it, if you wish to read more there is a facebook group called Daisy Meely Trust. I have been very lucky with my treatment and I sincerely hope that Daisy has the same luck



Linda George said...

That is amazing, when you think you were told you had such a short time to live! Wonderful news.

I have a lovely card I will send hope all goes well for her. x

Sybil said...

Hi Andy...I am so so so so happy for you. I sit here with a BIG smile on my face...I will check out a card for your friends daughter tomorrow. Bristol Hospital is very good....and we pray for a complete recovery..
Love Sybil xx

Kathy said...

I've just now found you through Guido and do hope to get to know your through your blogging. Congrats to you on your good news.

I'll post a card to the little one tomorrow.

Beth said...

I am so pleased to hear it, Andy! Wonderful news!

Jane said...

What an enormous relief that excellent news must have been!

Jeanie said...

What wonderful news Andy! I am so happy for you I have tears in my eyes.
I'm away this weekend but will make time when I return to send your little friend Daisy a card. That will be a real pleasure! I pray for her good health.
Jeanie xx

LYN said...

wonderful news!!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Andy that is wonderful news ~ I am so very happy for you ~ Now let us hope and pray all goes well for Daisy ~ my hopes and prayers are with her ~ Ally x

Frances said...

That is such good news for you, Andy. Oh my, I remember when you first were given the news about the cancer. It devastated us all. Now I hope little Daisy can get the same good news sometime in the future. Take good care of yourself, friend.

Odds Bodkins. said...

Great news Andy. You must be sooo relived.


Anonymous said...

Very very good news Andy :)


michele said...

Wonderful news for you Andy very happy for you :) will keep daisy in my thoughts