Monday, 3 October 2011

Time is flying by!

Have just looked and it was the 23rd August that I last made an entry in here!!!!!

Time just seems to be flying by at the moment. Mind you quite a bit has happened.

My daughter managed to pass her driving test and has got her self a car and drove herself back to medical school in Hull. It certainly made the journey back easier as we were able to split the load between two cars. Its only when you do this thing that you realise just how many things a student needs to have.

On a personal level I have now had two months of treatment with Etoposide and the only side effect has been hair loss. Not complete hair loss but quite considerable so I now practice constructive brushing! More importantly though I am pleased to say that my tumour has shrunk so thinks are looking good - at least for the moment.

My mind has also been active trying to decide if I should retire when I reach 60 (this November) or soldier on until I reach 65. At the moment I think the pros and cons sort of balance so no decision has been made.



Linda George said...

Good news Andy, fingers crossed things continue to go well. x

Anonymous said...

well done to your daughter on being a driver now :)safe journeying.

You're not alone with the um and arh on retirement, its felt by many.

Jane said...

Don't do a comb over - get yourself a buzz cut. You'll look younger, trendier and a whole lot more self-confident. Possibly it will add to your babealiciousness too :)

Sybil said...

So glad to read that the treatment is working...long may it last...
As for the hair loss, I'm with Jane on that one....look at Yule Brennar !!! handsome eh
As for retiring I say retire...and enjoy everything a new lifestyle will give you..
Congradaulations to your daughter both on her driving pass and her Uni. studies.
Love Sybil xx