Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Another month!

Another month has flown by since my last entry!

The only excuse I can give is the very unseasonable warm October we have had, although we have had two slight frosts.

Have just started the next course of Etoposide at the Marsden. However it is a slightly reduced doseage as my kidney function test is not as they would wish it to be, also my blood pressure is elevated.

This is (or could be) a momentous month for me as I reach 60 on the 29th, now do I retire or stay working until I qualify for a state pension as well as a company one? Do I want to stay living here or move? If I move do I move up north to be near my daughter in Hull or do I go west to be near a very special and much loved friend?

Decisions decisions ............



Linda George said...

Good to hear from you Andy. If you believe in such things, tomorrow afternoon is a good time. Maybe not for making a decision but for listening to your heart, that inner voice that is wanting to guide you. It is also a good time for healing from the Universe, yes tomorrow is a very good day, make some time for yourself x

ADB said...

Good to hear you're still going strong, Andy. Wishing you strength and wisdom in reaching a decision on your work or pension status over the next four weeks.


Sybil said...

Well Linda and guido have both given you good advice so I had better just say take care..thanks for keeping us in touch.
I am now going back to bed where I should be at this early hour !!
Love Sybil xx

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Do not ponder, life is short. Just do what you want to do, not the right thing but the nice thing! If you prefer working to enjoying yourself then stay at work. Just enjoy your time on the planet. x

Barb said...

It is so nice to hear from you, Andy. I used to follow your journal then my computer crashed. Thanks to Guido, I am able to reconnect with a lot of wonderful people, friends who have become family to me. Happy Thanksgiving.