Friday, 25 November 2011

Some good news!

Have just come back from the Royal Marsden Hospital with the results of the latest scan. I am pleased to say that the tumour has not spread but more importantly there is no evidence of any new tumours.

I find the weather at the moment incredible. Its my birthday next week (my 60th yes I am getting old!) and this time last year we were walking through snow. This year it seems that November will be the warmest on record and December seems to be going to follow the same pattern.

Wonder if there is any truth in the old saying 'In like a lamb out like a tiger, in like a tiger out like a lamb' only time will tell.



ADB said...

Excellent news, Andy! Hope our cold weather doesn't reach you.

Sybil said...

Brilliant news you mayeb can look ahead again and start to make some decisions...
We are still having it mild over here in wiltshire as well. Poor Guido has had such awful gales etc to put up wonder I moved south LOL
Love Sybilx

Linda George said...

Good news Andy, you've certainly proved them wrong from back in the early days. x

Anonymous said...

hope you're alright chief, see you on the away days pyros and pussy yeah?