Sunday, 1 April 2012

Treatment complete

Pleased to say my radiotherapy treatment ended on the 15th March. There were no imediate side effects but since than a lot of fatigue has crept in. Had a couple of days of pain which my GP said was fibrosis caused by the internal healing process.

They are not going to scan me until June 25th so its going to be a long wait to find out if its been succesful.



Linda George said...

You'll be fine. Try not to worry, worrying won't help and you've done so well with previous treatments. x

ADB said...

Keep the strength Andy, and I hope the final result will be OK.

Jon said...

Take care and keep a positive attitude. It sounds like things are going well. My prayers are with you.

Sybil said...

I am sure your great attitude will help Andy and hopefully teh nice summer weather we will have !
keep smiling,
Love sybil xx

LYN said...

Glad your treatment is over and hopefully good results in June..take care..

Jeanie said...

I am late to your Blog Andy...sorry!
That is really good news! I hope all is still well with you and that you are walking the road to recovery; leaving all the worries and side effects behind you.
Take great care and keep getting stronger!

ADB said...

Nothing you can do until late June, Andy. Take each day as it comes, and hope the next scan will be favourable

Vic said...

This are the posts that inspire me. Thanks for sharing.