Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Memory Triggers

Memory triggers
It must be a sign of old age but recently I have noticed that reading or seeing things brings back memories from the past.
Working for the railway I see lots of graffiti, some witty, some artistic and others just downright silly. I am not certain quite what category I would put the following in though!
Sex is not the answer
Sex is the question
Yes is the answer
At first I thought it was quite amusing when I saw it written on a station wall but then my memory started kicking in and went back to the sixties 'make love not war' era. What wonderful ideals we had in those days, everything was going to be peace and love. John and Yoko had there sleep in for peace, people had flowers in there hair and all was going to be well in the world. Talking of hair at this time I had shoulder length hair.
What went wrong.
I look at the world now, there is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan amongst other places, the worlds financial system is in tatters, what price our dreams now. I geninuely feel concerned for the future, what kind of society are our children going to inherit?
May be we should have another sleep in for peace and maybe that unknown graffiti artist has a point.
I have tried posting these entries on Bebo, and as well as blogger but apart from blogger I have had no response so me thinks I will stick with that when A O Hell finally pulls the rug from under us. There is also a rumour doing the rounds that aol itself is going in January. Think i will resort to sending messages to you by carrier pigeon!
Love and Peace


Beth said...

Great piece of graffiti! Sometimes I wonder what has happened to us, too, although I was a youngster in the 60's. It sure seems like we've gotten away from moving towards a more peaceful existence.


Indigo said...

These days the world doesn't feel safe, between financial strife and war...Some days I wonder if we lost it all and had to start over if we would be any the wiser. Wonderful post dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Stuart said...

Great post we had such high hopes in the sixties sad view died out and left old fossils like me to remember them.

ada said...

I am eternally hopeful. I choose to believe that the light at the end of this tunnel is not an oncoming train ready to run me down! I HAVE to believe that; I am human. Call me a simpleton but for me there is no other option.The alternative is way too depressing. Having said that, I'm not in denial and doing what I can to make the future better for my kids. It starts at home, by example, and I hope my kids pick up the torch and make this world a better place. Very nice entry.

Jeannette said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, please do leave a comment if you visit again. Yes, memories, you brought some back for me. Sadly the world is not what it was. If you hear anymore about aol. going please let me know. I and many other British bloggers connect to the internet via aol. so we need to be forwarned. Although aol sold us Brits off to Carphone Warehouse we still have to log on through aol.

Sara said...

I will be leaving AOSmell asap. And I promise that I will have a sleep in for peace tomorrow morning :o)

Dannelle said...

Ah, the sixties...graduated HS in 64 married had two girls, divorced, when to college, married, divorced- worked, raising girls...didn't know what Woodstock was until the 80s! Dannelle

sparkx said...

My son is a graffiti artist, you may have come across some of his work, cos I thinks you live in the town where he does lots of it (on legal walls, not private property) It's a form of self expression, I personally have nothing against it, there's worse things to worry about in life at the mo eh!
Thanks for looking in on me (oo er)
x Lynbo x