Thursday, 30 October 2008

To Late

I was going to post this in my AOL journal but find I am unable to do so!


Tomorrow 31st August will go down in
history as a sad day. It is the day that
Journals disappear. Over the years I have made
Many friends and I hope most will keep in contact
Through my new home at
For those who don’t join me you can e mail me any time at
Whatever happens may I wish you all the very best for the future


Kirstykins said...

Andy poppit. Its all been a little too much for you hasn't it.
We are in October now, not August.

Lots of Love

Kirst x x x x x x x

Beth said...

I thought they were going to wait until midnight tonight, but they took it down at some point today! That was a dirty rotten trick.

Well, here we all are, so time to forge ahead!

Hugs, Beth

Sandra said...

Hi Andy, never mind, AOL created the journals but I`m sure we`ll all carry on regardless. It seems most of us have migrated here and our little community will carry on without AOL. Heres to the furture with Blogger! :o)

Love Sandra x

Funnyface said...

Hi Andy, i know the clocks went back last weekend, but did the calender too ? giggles.....
Big Luv, Jaynee X

Sandra said...

Hi Andy, As far as AOL are concerned they are all but forgotten. We have new blogs now with all the same people as before. The community lives on!

Love Sandra x

sparkx said...

Stuff aol, this blogger community has worked out really well, I think, much better. I love the way you have linked to your blog on here, which links you right back to this page lol
take care