Monday, 6 October 2008

Sussex by the sea and acroos the marsh

Was at St Leonards Warrior Square today doing an audit today. Well when you are in the area how can you resist popping along to Hastings and having fish and chips for lunch, if you have not had fish and chips at Hastings you have not lived! Found a nice spot in a shelter on the front and thoroughly enjoyed my lunc. Even the sun shone on me, what a contrast to yesterday.
One of the pleasures or otherwise of my job is the amount of travelling involved but I find it quite interesting watching the way the countryside has changed throughout the year. Returning from Hastings to Maidstone there are several options but my favourite is using the Marshlink service to Ashford travelling across Romney Marsh. I have always had a liking for the marsh ever since I read the Dr Syn books as a child. The famous but fictional smuggling parson from Dymchurch was also a favourite of my fathers. One of the joys of travelling by train is that it crosses areas of the marsh you would not normally see by road. There are umpteen very isolated houses and in your mind you can see them being used by smugglers and you can almost hear the winter storms ravaging on the windows.
One thing that has brought the marsh up to date is the building of a wind farm. From a distance it looks impressive with tall pillars supporting graceful sails. In fact you can almost imagine a 21st centuary eqvivalent of Don Quixote charging at them! Sadly as you get nearer you see all the trappings that go with them, the pylons and the overhead cables. I suppose even Romney Marsh has to move with the times! Quite what Dr Syn and his gang would of made of it all is another matter entirely.


Beth said...

Hi Andy, thank you for joining my blog. I'll look forward to reading more from you!

All my best,

Odds Bodkins said...

Hastings, fish and chips and sunshine, that's almost heaven.
I vaguely remember the Dymchurch railway from my childhood family outings too.


Indigo said...

Hi Andy, I'm so glad you found my on this side of the blogsphere. I had lost you for awhile over in AOL. This is a true delight. (Hugs)Indigo

Sandra said...

Hi Andy, and chips in Hastings? Yep, done 1979 to be precise and they were! Our children were small and we stayed at the Haven holiday camp there. Great entry. :o)

Love Sandra x