Wednesday, 4 March 2009

25 years

This month sees the 25th aniversary of the miners strike.

Whatever your point of view the two main characters in the dispute Margaret Thatcher and Arthur Scargill were both formidable in there respective roles. What actually happened as a result of the strike is well recorded but its interesting to think about what could or would of happened if the miners had won. Back in the 1970's they had defeated Ted Heath with there actions. Remember the three day week and power cuts by rota.

Some people interviwed on Radio Kent this morning were unaware that Kent was once a coal mining area with pits at Snowdown, Tilmanstone, Betteshanger and Chislet. Of these the only one with any buildings left standing is Snowdown and there are calls for these to be preserved as a museum/memorial to those who worked in the pits and an important part of Kents history.

Kent has recently been struck by its second earthquake in the last couple of years and even though the latest one was minor Folkestone seems to becoming a dangerous place to live!

I saw the consultant at Maidstone Hospital yesterday and he wants to change the chemotherapy regime as one of the drugs is affecting my kidney function. I have got to have a couple of blood tests done before I see him again next Tuesday as he is concerned that my platelet level could become low. I also have to have another CT scan.



sparkx said...

Folkestone will always be a dangerous place to live, regardless of the earthquakes, I wish the earth would open up and swallow all the thugs that seem to run this place. I do hope things get better and settle down for you soon Andy

ADB said...

Hope the new chemo does the job, without adverse effects, Andy.

Jeannette said...

Hope the new treatment works Andy without any adverse effects.

Angie said...

Just so the treatment is successful I wouldn't worry about "adverse effects". They may be not nice but you'll be over them soon enough.

I wish you all the luck in the world Andy.

love from the new girl - Angie xx