Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Some good news!

Those who know me know that I have a passion for jazz.

So I was thrilled to read my e mails this morning to find that there is a new album by Diana Krall released at the end of this month followed in April by one from Melody Gardot. However the best news of all is that May brings a new release by the fabulous Gwyneth Herbert. I can see me spending money in HMV on the first two. However Gwyneth Herbert is releasing hers on her own label Monkeywood Records so it will probably be an online purchase. Her last release was on her own label but was subsequently re released on Bluenote. If you have never heard her check out her website-she is brilliant.

On a sadder note I was horrified to hear about the school shooting in Germany, what ever can posess some one to shoot dead inocent victims aparently at random. I know that when I was at school there were some teachers that I got on with and others that you wished you had never met but there is no way I would of thought of picking up a gun and shooting them let alone do it.

On a personal note I had an appointment with the oncologist yesterday and they are going to change my chemotherapy as the one I was on was affecting my kidney. I use the word kidney in the singular as I only have one functioning kidney and in the consultants words I have to look after it. At the moment I dont have a date for the next corse of chemo but I believe it will be next week.

Take Care (and have a listen to Gwyneth Herbert)



Angie said...

Good luck for your chemo Andy!

love, Angie, xx

Sandra said...

Hi Andy, I`m glad that you sound so upbeat, good luck with the next course of chemo. Hmm...Gwyneth Herbert? I think I`ve heard Micael Parkinson mention her when he had his Sunday slot on Radio 2, you probably know that he`s a great jazz fan. he introduced me to Diana Krall and many other singers that you have mentioned here. I`ll check her out online and report back at a later date. Take care.

Love Sandra x