Monday, 2 March 2009


I am bored.

Yes I know I need to rest after chemotherapy and the risk of infection,but its still boring. I have listened to a couple of plays on Radio 4 which I enjoyed as listening to the radio you have to use your own imagination as to what the characters look like etc rather than straight in your face on TV. I even managed to do the Times crossword the other day in less than half an hour.

Looking through the local paper I see that they want to make Maidstone plastic carrier bag free by 31st March. This is very laudable but I always recycle my carrier bags as bin liners, I suppose I will just have to go out and buy some bin liners which seems to defeat the object somewhat.

On the subject of carrier bags, why can you not get paper ones anymore. We have a fortnightly recycling collection which takes anything that can be recycled. For security reasons I shred any paper that has any personal information on and this can go for recycling. If you tip the shredded paper straight into the bin when they come to empty it the shredded paper can blow down the road like confetti. As its not recylable I can not put it in a plastic carrier bag first so I have to try and find a paper carrier or similar.

I have to see the oncologist tomorrow afternoon and will let you know what happens.

Excuse my ramblings



ADB said...

Actually agree with your points regarding plastic bags, but more often than not, people leave them to blow around the street. Take it easy, keep us posted.

Liz said...

My local authority refuses to take any shredded paper. I now tear off all the personal references on any mail and burn them in my chimnear.
I don't bother to shred the rest I put it straight in to the recycle bin.
Result~ reduced electricity bill as shredder is no longer used and
Ignition fuel for the patio heater in unseasonable weather to keep me warm while gardening...

Ally Lifewithally said...

I used to use the plastic carrier bags to line the bins ~ like you I now buy plastic bags to line my bin ~ Silly isn't it :o) ~
hope your appointment to see your
oncologist goes well ~
we have a wood burner so I have no problems getting rid of any papers that I don't want to go into the bin ~ Ally x