Monday, 6 April 2009

The Boat That Rocked

I have yet to see this film but from what I have heard it is very good.

For those that do not know it is the story of an off shore radio (pirate) station in the 1960s and is based on the much missed Radio Caroline. Back in those days the only pop music played on the BBC was about two hours a week, other than that the only pop music station was Radio Luxembourg. The pirates were a breath of fresh air!

They brought about two major changes to British radio, firstly the introduction of Radio 1 and the introduction of independant commercial radio to the UK. I have used the word independant because at the time thasts what it was but sadly stations have been swallowed up into a couple of large groups all using the same playlist and features. You can here 'Flirty at Ten Thirty' on any number of stations throughout the UK. In fact I find commercial radio in the UK extremely boring.

The former pirate disc jockeys must cringe when they here what there efforts have led to. In fact a lot of them now work for the BBC. In fact it has created a bit of a problem here as two of the leading DJs are on at the same time on a Saturday night. Dave Cash is on BBC Radio Kent from 6 whilst at the same time the legendry Johnie Walker is on Pirate Johnie Walker on BBC Radio 2. Johnie Walker was and still is one of my all time heroes, anyone who uses a track by Duane Eddy as his theme tune must be OK!

Going back to Radio Luxembourg they only played about half of each record before cutting in and saying that was so and so on the Decca label. The reason for this was that the records were supplied by the record companies and the idea was to encourage you to go out and buy the record. Luxembourg also carried the advert by the well known Horrace Batchelor encouraging you to send him a postal order to get his foolproof way of winning the football pools. What made the advert memorable was the address to send to was in Keynsham near Bristol -thats spelt K E Y N S H A M!
I wonder if anyone did send him any money and whats more to the point did they win anything on thev pools!



Angie said...

Horace Batchelor! Oh them was the days! We used to listen to Luxy under the blankets my sis and I. We used to listen to Caroline as well, though because mum said they were illegal and we could get sent to jail for listening we always felt very naughty.

Great entry Andy.

lov, Angie, xx

Sandra said...

Hi Andy,

I believe that film was made by the great Mike Leigh which means it has to be good. I remember trying to listen to Radio Luxembourg in my tiny transistor radio without much luck, I picked up so much static I couldn`t hear the! Happy easter and take care. :o)

Love Sandra x