Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Consultation and Not Confrontation

You are probably aware that there is a G20 meeting in London today.

Unfortunately it has led to some violence in the street, maybe not to serious but violence none the less. I have never ever understood the need for violence of any sort. If an objector has a legitimate point to make they should be allowed to voice there opinion and to be told why there proposal will or wont work. This is one of the basic freedoms in the free world or have I lost the plot somewhere.

Had my CT scan yesterday and after 8 attempts they managed to insert the cannula, needless to say I feel like a well used dartboard at the moment. Wont get the results until next week though. Otherwise I am feeling fine at the moment.



ADB said...

Fingers crossed for the results, Andy. Agreed on your points about the G20 demos.

Beth said...

Hope you get good results, Andy! :)

In watching some of the coverage of the summit, it seems that there are a vocal (and violent) few who feel that is the only way they can get their point across. People have the right to protest, but why bring violence into it? It's crazy.

It seems that all-in-all President and Mrs. Obama are being warmly welcomed. Very nice to see!

Hugs, Beth

Ally Lifewithally said...

Andy I am glad you are feeling fine ~ hope the results come back with good news ~ I did hate to watch those scenes of violence ~ which I thought were unnecessary ~ Ally x

Angie said...

Agree with you about the violence. Think I'll stick to shouting at the telly!

Re your Dartboarditis - your veins have probably taken fright. This last few months I've had a similar condition - pincushionosis, occasioned by a DVT - and our friendly neighbourhood leeches used to pop in regularly for a vein hunt (in vain) at my left elbow but for some reason would never try the right. It seemed to be a point (ha ha) of honour with them to try to remember where they last saw the little bugger!

I wonder how much the G20 cost us taxpayers?

love Angie, xx