Thursday, 23 April 2009

Miner Bees

I suppose there are some advantages of being stuck at home-lets face it you have to find something to pass the time. (Do you think I am getting bored)

Anyway I was perusing one of our local free newspapers the other day and I came across a little snippet saying that Miner Bees had been found in Mote Park. Mote Park is 450 acres of open land which is protected by law and forms a green barrier between Maidstone and Bearsted.

Now I had never heard of Miner Bees before and apparently they are bees that burrow into things like brickwork to create there nest. The good news is that they can not sting you as there sting is not sharp enough to penetrate human skin.

A search on the Internet has shown that there are 250 different kinds of bee in the United Kingdom which is something that I did not know but I am sure that if any bee keeper reads this they will correct me if I am wrong. One bee is called the Cuckoo Bee which kills the traditional Bumble Bee and takes over its nest. Life can be cruel in the animal kingdom!

I was going to take some pictures in Mote Park to add to this entry but my digital camera works on an XD card and its showing card corrupt! I have rung round all the local shops but all they stock are type M or type H XD cards which my camera wont accept. Rather than go out and buy a new camera I have tracked down some ordinary XD cards which I have ordered. When they get here I will add some photos.

On a personal level I am still waiting for the next lot of chemotherapy to start. The hospital rang me on Saturday night to go in for a blood test but than rang back and asked me to ring on Monday morning to see if a bed was available, which it was not. I than had to ring back on Monday afternoon only to be told to ring back on Tuesday morning. When I did I was told that as the treatment I was having was slightly different to normal it had to be approved at a higher level and treatment would probably not start again until next week. To say that I am rather p****d of is rather an understatement especially as I feel perfectly well in my self.

Take Care



Angie said...

You're a mine of useless information (except to beekeepers)! Actually I love useless information. It isn't useless at all really. My boss at British Steel in the dim and distant past was a MOUI too and we got on famously. First job every Monday morning was the Sunday Express Gen Knowledge crossword. The rest of the week we would colude on the Daily Telegraph cryptic. Keeps brain busy.

Not sure there's an answer to your chemo hitch. My friend had similar probs but no amount of tsble thumping would shift them.

love, Angie, xx

Beth said...

Sorry about the chemo delay--I hope they get it together soon so that you can commence!

Interesting about the bees--I love information like that! I didn't know about miner bees. We have carpenter bees that bore into wood, but your miner bees must be some strong critters to be able to get into brick!

Hugs, Beth

Rache said...

I like the idea of a bee that doesn't sting, since anything that buzzzzzzz's un-nerves me for that reason. Thanks for finding that info :)

With the hosy's and chemo, I can understand the grrr.......hope it all falls into place soon. Rache

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Not a fan of bees, but they do perform a necessary function. Thanks for stopping by my place :o)