Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Another week in hospital

Yes I spent last week in hospital with a blood and urine infection.

2009 in the words of the Queen has become 'Anas Horribilus' and I can not wait to see the back of it. I still try and be positive but there are frequent 'dark' moments.

Having a scan on October 5th and see the consultant the following day. Good news hopefully but time will tell......



Beth said...

Stay optimistic, Andy! I am sending you good thoughts and strength. Hugs, Beth

pam said...

Hey Andy. Keeping you In both my thoughts and prayers. Keep on fighting the fight. Don't give In. Love Pam.x

Liz said...

Treat the dark moments only as shadows cast by light.
Slip throught the shadows of your mind and see the light that your thoughts will always hold.

ADB said...

Keep spirits high, if you can, Andy. Keeping my fingers crossed for a favourable result early next month.

Jane said...

Im with you Andy - we can do this together. Banish the dark thoughts and stay positive my friend.
Hoping and praying for some good results.