Thursday, 24 September 2009

Happy Birthday

Today was Gerry of Gerry and the Pacemakers fame 67th birthday. It just shows that old age catches up with us all. They were probably best remembered for the somg Ferry Across the Mersey.

On a sadder note today would also of been Linda McCartneys birthday.



Beth said...

I remember that song, Andy! I still like it.

Liz said...

This child of the sixties grew taller with the music that raised expectations beyond any barrier. Including the River Mersey which I had to cross from where I was born in Chester to enter Liverpool University in order to fulfil my dream.
The ferry did not fail to carry me or my dream.

Liz said...

I believe Linda would not like to be remembered with sadness. She lived her life to give joy to her husband and through his music to the rest of the world.
Listen to what he wrote and you will hear the happiness that she gave him.

pam said...

Hi Andy. It gets scary sometimes to stop and think, especially when It comes to age!!. I love that song. what a wonderful legacy both these Icons left us. Love Pam.xx