Thursday, 3 September 2009

Seven down-one to go!

Yes only one more treatment with the trial drug Ofatumumab to go!

Apart from the e coli infection (which I can not attribute to the drug or treatment) there have been no side effects at all. In fact I feel very well in myself apart from a severe case of boredom.

Still I suppose I should not complain, back in June a 'horrible' consultant at a London hospital told me that I only had a couple of months to live. By horrible I really mean HORRIBLE.

I have been reading bits about the health reforms in the USA and all I can say is thank god we have the NHS in this country and do not have to pay up front for treatment. Apart from the person mentioned above I have no complaint at all either about the treatment or the staff-in fact the staff have been exceptional.



Beth said...

So great to hear, Andy! Keep hanging in there!

Good to get your perspective on our health care debate going on over here. I am a strong advocate for such a change, and I hope we'll get it pushed through. Hugs, Beth

Angie said...

I can't imgine not getting hospital treatment until some office person finds out whether \i have insurance or not. We knock our NHS something rotten but I can't think of a better alternative. When all's said and done, you can always take out your own private health insurance as well if you want to and if you have that sort of money. Even so, you are never opted out of the NHS.

I've never had cause to complain either Andy, even though you do get the occasional clumsy clot who likes the sound of his own voice.

Glad you're going on OK.

love, Angie, xx

Jane said...

We are so lucky here in the UK with our NHS arnt we? Like you Andy I have nothing but praise for the treatment I have received.
So - last treatment on the horizon? Well done Andy!!

Connie said...

Glad that experimental medication is working out for you.
Take care

Liz said...

Glad to hear you are doing so well.
Keep it up.

pam said...

Hiya Andy. Please keep getting better. Just stopped by to say that I am back. Love Pam.x

Anonymous said...

Your drug has a name like it should belong to an Egyptian king......I'm glad it's being very regal with you :) good luck with the last one.

We moan, I moan! about the NHS and cost, but it puts you in your place when you read of the plight of other countries, I'm grateful for it too. rache

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you struggle is better,and I am glad you are getting good care. I do want to assure you that here in the states we don't pay up front for our care.
Most folks have good insurance through their employers. It is a convoluted system, but, the choices are wider. Many drugs availalable here, are restricted or completely unavailable in the UK. Sutent, for example was just recently added to NICE. It has been available here for over three years.

Kansas City