Sunday, 15 August 2010

I have finally given in!


One of the ex pupils at my old school has for many years maintained a web site about the old school at This is a fascinating site for us 'old' boys as it contains a wealth of information about the school, pupils and masters and gives many an hour of reading and catching up with people.

However times move on and now messages are going to be sent out by Twitter!!! For ages I resisted both Facebook and Twitter but joined FB some time ago and now I can be found Twitter-pating (is there such a word?).

As for the old school I am sad to say that it now appears to be a mere shadow of its former glory.



Rose said...

my old school has been added on to so many times that I get lost when I go inside! I drive for my district and I love it!

Linda George said...

I will do Facebook but I draw the line at Twitter!!!!

Sybil said...

Andy, I resist both Twitter and Facebook. I do hope that you will PLEASE stay with us here. Quite a few bloggers have gone lately and I can only presume to either one or the other. When my dear Goddaughter died it disturbed my sister very much to keep seeing her name on her Facebook page and I had a terrible trouble getting them to remove her page so that sure put me off Facebook for as long as I have some news no matter how few visit I will continue to put my thoughts...for what they are worth!!...on my blog.
Thanks for staying with us !
Love Sybil

Ally Lifewithally said...

Andy I have tried Facebook but not too keen there ~ I like my blog as I like yours ~
Hope your Old school messages come through OK for you ~
What happened to the Web Site ???
Ally x