Monday, 16 August 2010

Not going anywhere!


Several people have asked me if i am going to close this blog following my last entry, well the answer is a very positive NO! Over the years starting with the old AOL blogs I have made many friends, indeed some have become close friends so I am not going to walk away.

Some of you may know that I had a check up at the Royal Marsden on Friday but as the consultant was running some two and a half hours late I could not have any blood tests done as the laboratory was closed. Pleased to say that the physical exam showed no problems. Went back to the Marsden after work today for the blood tests and it was the usual set of problems. In my family we have a history of deep veins and this coupled with lots of chemotherapy treatment has made getting blood from me very difficult-today only took 20 minutes to find a vein! Why is it that you feel fine when you go to a hospital but an hour or so after leaving you seem to develop every symptom imaginable!! This coupled with the fact that recently I have been sleeping badly does not bode well for tonight.

Actually the title of this entry is slightly misleading! In September I am going to Le Touquet in France for a week. I originaly wanted to fly from Lydd as they only use 9 seat planes and promised to be something different but sadly they were fully booked and expensive(£149) so I am going to go by train/boat/train at a total cost of £4 each way. There are some advantages of working for the railway! Incidentally the £4 is the port tax fee for using the ports of Dover and Calais similar to an airport tax.

This trip will also allow me to try out my new camera. This has not cost me anything as a friend gave me a carrier bag containing various ink cartridges which I have managed to sell on e bay and use the money raised for the camera! I have never sold on e bay before and never realised how easy it is, if I carry on I might become a millionaire by the millenium after next.

Keep your fingers croosed on Thursday for the A level results, my daughter needs to get an A* in chemistry to get the place she wants at Hull York Medical school but she does have an unconditional place at Peninsular but her heart is set on Hull



Sybil said...

Thank goodness you are a sensible one !! Good luck for your daughter's exam there will be a few sleepless nights this week and then a few sore heads over the weekend !!
have a rally good trip...good old BR.
love Sybil

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wow, that is a great price for travel. Glad you are going to keep hanging out here :o)

Jeanie said...

Being a wee Scot, just like our Sybs, I like the idea of free transport Andy. It's very nice when you can still get perks like this from your job.
As for drawing blood from me...I always warn the phlebotomists it's not their fault if they have difficulty finding a vein too. Chemo did exactly the same to my veins. Oh well...c'est la vie! lol
Enjoy your trip.
Stay well my friend.
Jeanie x

Jeanie said...

p.s. Good luck with your daughter's exam results! I hope she gets the University of her choice.
Jeanie x

Ally Lifewithally said...

Wishing your Daughter good Luck with her exam I do so hope she gets the Grade she needs ~
how lovely of BR to help employees with their travel costs ~ Hope your blood tests are OK ~
Glad you are not thinking of leaving us you would be missed ~ Ally x

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hi Andy, I'm glad to hear you're staying with us. Personally, I don't think Facebook could ever replace a full blown blog.

Nice to know BR ae still looking after their employees a little. Not much of that kind of thing about these days.

Fingers crossed for the right results for your daughter.


Sybil said...

just to let you know I have added a page to my blog

Sybil said...

Sorry meant to ask how did your daughters results turn out ?
Love Sybil x