Wednesday, 3 November 2010

By request!

Several people have asked me to carry on relating my railway memories so here we go again.

Certainly over the years there have been many varied and good times, however there have been times when it has been anything but fun.

Over the years I have had a sweet and sour poured over me and believe me that is hard to get out of your hair! Also been subject to a prolonged snowball fight but the worst thing that ever happened to me was being robbed at the wrong end of a 14 inch carving knife. Despite all the training you get that you just hand the money over when it happens to you you feel so incensed that its happened to you, you do things that no sensible person would. When I was robbed I was so furious that I gave chase, fortunately for me he got away as god knows what would of happened if I had caught him.

Fortunately I have never been involved in the kind of incident that happened on a train a month or so ago. There was a fight on the train which involved multiple stabbings and a shooting! When the injured people arrived at hospital ther asailants followed them and started spraying acid around. The police closed the station until lunchtime the following day leading to comments on the lines of typical railway cant organise a p**s up in a brewery even though it was on police orders. A day on Southeastern can be an education and an eye opener!

The other thing that crops up from time to time are fatalities. They say that the first one you see is the worst but having seen 7 now it still turns my stomach but you have to get on with the job in hand but afterwards it can give you sleepless nights to say the least. Mind you thats nothing to what a train driver goes through as ther is nothing they can do to avoid the situation. Fortunately we have a good chain of care procedure in place for staff involved in this kind of incident.

Anyway thats the 'bad' parts dealt with, happier times next time.



Odds Bodkins. said...

A friend of mine once ran his train into a herd of cattle that had got onto the track. He made like it was quite humourous and that the carnage didn't bother him. We knew better though and I'm sure the trauma therapy he was made to attend was much needed.


Sybil said...

Thanks Andy for the latest "rail news" As I live next door to the famous Brunell Box tunnel unfortunately we do have the occasional railway fatality...not nice to realise the trains have stopped and sometime sthe reason for it....One thing that happned here coule of years ago was when i Looked out and saw of all things on the line a SWAN..I quickly called the authorities and before you would belive the trains were stopped and someone sent to get the swan removed which was not easy as he/she did not appreciate being moved. i would love to have hear dthe excuse for the train being late...." swan on the line "

Jeanie said...

It can't be an easy job on the railway these days. I witnessed a full scale arguement between a couple on the journey home from Cornwall. Thankfully they were removed at the next station but it seemed ages until then.
Myniece works on the trains now and enjoys it. I had forgotten what she might have to deal with until now.
Looking forward to reading more about your 'train journey's. My husband is in thea attic playing and remodelling his train set. Men! They never grow up. lol

Angie said...

We used to live next door to an engine driver who had a disembodied human head between the lines. The decapitated body turned up a few hundred yards away - he stopped just before he reached it. Funny thing is he too said he didn't need counseling but he wasn't averse to the 2 weeks off his counsellor advised him to have!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Thanks Andy I really enjoyed reading this ~ I never realised working on the Railway could be so traumatic ~ Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures ~ Ally x