Friday, 22 October 2010

An open letter

An open letter to David Cameron (and other politicians)

Dear Dave

Now I realise that you have to balance income against expenditure, in fact that's what we have all been doing for many years.

In this so called civilised society I thought that it was incumbent on every member of society and that includes the government to look after the less fortunate members of society.

I realise that you do not know me personally but I suffer from incurable Non Hodgkins Lymphoma which is cancer of the lymphatic system.Luckily enough I was treated with a trial drug called Ofatumumab which has put me into remission. However I have been saddened to read that this drug will not be licensed as the powers to be have decided that it is not value for money. I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me the value of my life?

In todays paper it is also reported that free prescriptions for those suffering from serious illness will no longer be available and that you will no longer be honouring the pledge to get cancer test results back within a week. Excuse me but its bad enough to be told that you have a life threatning illness without any delay in getting the results before starting treatment. Have you any idea just how many drugs you need to treat cancer for example and having to find the money for multiple prescriptions is added stress when you are ill and probably on a reduced income.

In conclusion please please remember that money can be replaced but people can not.

Yours Sincerely



Ally Lifewithally said...

Andy I do so agree with what you have written ~ this coalition govt. seem to be making so many stupid new rules ~ I do know one thing I will not be voting for them again and I only hope they do not serve the full term of the election ~ they do not I am sure understand the ordinary people of this country ~they live in a totally different world ~ Ally x

Jan said...

Well put Andy ,this idiot government should join the real world ,if they havent killed us old ? ones all off before the next election ,they wont get my vote either Jan xx

Jeanie said...

It is a sad day when it comes to these facts that you have portrayed in your letter Andy. Don't forget the extra hospital car park fees you have to pay as you attend all the appointments too. People seem to becoming more and more faceless and more a number on a fiscal paper read out in the House of Commons.I disagree with the carpet being pulled out from under the truly ill of our country. It is as you say uncivilised!

Liz said...

Dear Andy,
Where did you ever get the idea that any British government or law made by them ever placed life above money?

I cannot write my thoughts here.

I will try to collect them on Here There and Everywhere.
My new blog that acts like a hoover.....

Liz said...

Iam sorry Andy,
The blog I created Here There and Everywhere to speak my words was taken over by morons for their own pathetic use. I have had to delete it.

I will probably be deleting Visual Counterpoint, as I am fed up with the complete lack of security on blogger.

Odds Bodkins. said...

Nicely put Andy. Such a shame none of our so-calle leaders will listen.
I lost faith in all politicians many years ago. They're all out to get whatever they can for themselves and their money grabbing cronies.

The way this country treats its citizens is disgraceful.


Angie said...

I can see the need for urgent action to put this country on a more solid footing but they are using it as a smokescreen for failing to honour their election promises. They should remember it was us who put them where they are and we have the ultimate power to remove them,

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Thank you Mr Andy. I hope that you have actually sent this to David Cameron and your MP. How on earth did this disgraceful party ever get to be in power. There must be many English people ashamed of voting for these rich heartless idiots. I don't mind paying £20 to park in a hospital car park, that is nothing compared to the destruction of the health service and other vital public services.