Friday, 6 February 2009

Bad News

As the title indicates it was not good news from the oncologist today.

The lymphoma has returned and as they are treating it as a re ocurrance rather than a new problem I can not have the same treatment as before as my body has probably built up a resistance to those drugs.

Instead I have to have a form of chemo known as R-DHAP which will be given intaveneously over 3 days as an in patient in hospital every month for four months. If that is not succesful I will need to have a stem cell transplant which means hospitilisation for a month followed by a months recovery. As the consultant said it looks like 2009 is going to be a c**p year.

In myself I actually feel better than i have done for a long time and I intend to keep positive although at times its difficult.

Had a phone call from the hospital after I got home asking me to go in on Monday afternoon to be assesed to have a line put in for chemo although they wont be able to fit it until February 28th, thats three weeks away. Why???

Hope you are avoiding this horrible weather we seem to be having recently.



Hollie said...

Oh Andy I'm so sorry! Keep positive. I'll be praying!

Beth said...

Andy, I'm so sorry to hear this, but your positive outlook will serve you well. Please try to maintain that, and we'll all be here for moral support.

Hugs, Beth

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Dear Andy, I am so sorry to hear your news. I hope that your treatment does not cause you too much distress. None of us knows what is in store along the way. Take care.

ADB said...

Very sorry to hear of the relapse, Andy. Hope the treatment knocks it back down again

sparkx said...

a positive state of mind goes a long way, you keep strong, treatment these days can be amazing, my mum is proof of that, although she is minus her breasts the 'all clear' news keeps a coming
big hugs
xx lynbo xx

Jan said...

So sorry to hear this news Andy ,you have great attitude ,so hoping things will go well with you ,The Doc was right ,it is c##p isnt it ? Jan xx

Frances said...

So sorry, Andy, for the bad news. Keep your positive attitude, that helps a lot. Praying the doctors can knock this one out, too. All your on-line friends are here for you.

Sandra said...

Oh Andy, I can only say what everyone else has, stay postive and i`ll be thinking of you.


Sandra xx

Funnyface said...

Hello Andy, just like everyone else i am very sorry to hear your bad news. You are right to keep a positive mind, in my experience i am sure that plays a major part and lets hope the new chemo works. My thoughts and love are with you.
Jaynee X

Sara said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling good, despite this bad news m'dear. This is one of those situations where I find it difficult to know what to say. I am thinking of you though, and I wish you well with all of my heart.

Jane said...

You have beaten this before Andy - you can do it again. Youre not alone - we will all be here to support you through this.
Remember - positive things happen to positive people.