Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ghostly Sightings

Yes I have actually seen a ghost.

Part of my job is visiting all stations in the Southeastern TOC area. Depending on the size and revenue of the station visits are made either twice or four times a year. Pluckley is one that gets visited twice and is quite a unique location in so far that the station building is the original one built by the original SDouth Eastern Railway back in the 1800's. It has obviously seen some improvements such as the installation of electricity and is actually situated in the hamlet of Chambers Green some two miles from Pluckley village itself.

Pluckley village has the reputation of being the most haunted village. The resident member of staff at the station must know me to well as thew first thing she says when i arrive is 'I have put the kettle on'! Anyway on this occasion she made the tea and I completed the audit which got its normal high score (we are not that harsh) and being fully housetrained took my cup out to the kitchen to wash it up.

Have you ever entered a room and felt that someone else was there and as i turned round caught a glimpse of an elderly lady dressed in Victorian clothing. I say caught a glimpse because it was a case of seeing her and when I looked closely she had vanished.

I mentioned it to Fiona and she said that she had seen her several times, the first time it had scared the s**t out of her but there was never any harm or other problems after the sightings.

The only record of a death at the station was back in 1919 when a porter was killed by a passing train whilst crossing the track so maybe the ghost is his mother.

I am always open minded about this kind of thing and I am quite happy to believe in ghosts and things like spiritulism but I know there are lots of reported sightings, for example Borley Rectory in Suffolk comes to mind.

Went to Maidstone Hospital yesterday for an assesment to fit a Hickman Line for chemotherapy and waited over an hour only to be told by a nurse what the consultant had already told me. At the moment treatment is not due to start for another two weeks.

Hope you are managing to avoid the storms and flooding, heavy frosts are forecast for the next couple of days, so take care and keep warm.



Delores Getmeslippers said...

That is a good sighting of the ghostly lady. Did you know about it beforehand? It is warmer here in London but I want to put studs on my shoes in case it goes icy again

Ally Lifewithally said...

I am always facinated by Ghost sightings ~ I have never seen a ghost but I am always hopeful that one day I will ~ Ally x

Beth said...

That's fascinating, Andy. I would love to experience something like that! I never have, but I believe in the possibility that people leave energy in a place, and that can result in such sightings as yours. Wow!

Hugs, Beth