Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ghosts and Raspberries

Following on from my recent entries regarding ghostly sightings I have managed to find a picture of Pluckley station which as you can see despite some modern day extras such as electricity is almost as built condition. The station site dates from the 1840,s so with the passage of time and trains it has fared well. It is the only station on Southeastern to be in the form left by the SER which ceased to exist in 1899. The third rail alongside the tracks is the electric traction supply for trains.

I seem to have been lucky with the first session of chemotherapy and the only side effect I seem to have is total boredom. To pass the time I have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 on my computer and its a completely different language to anything I have ever used before, especially with pivot tables (if you dont know what they are its best not to know!) Had to return to the hospital on Tuesday for a blood test and was asked to ring in the afternoon for the result. When I did they could not find the result!!! However they did ring me on Wednesday morning to tell me that they could not test the blood as it had clotted. I am going back on Friday morning for another blood test and have to see the consultant on Tuesday afternoon. They have given me a chemo hotline number to ring in an emergency i.e. if my temperature goes above 37.8 but so far its not been above 35.

A friend has sent me an article about raspberries. Aparently they contain all sorts of good things which can help defeat cancer. They also have considerably less calories than strawberries so its probably just as well that I like them! The other interesting thing about them is that they contain more vitamin C than oranges, so even if they dont fight the cancer I will still enjoy them safe in the knowledge that I wont get scurvey!

Take Care



Liz said...

Raspberries~ Let them blow the problem away for you my friend! :D

Beth said...

That station is in remarkable shape for daiting from the 1840's!

Sounds like things are good with the chemo so far, despite the boredom.

Berries of all types are very healthy and contain lots of antioxidants. I love raspberries, but blueberries are also wonderful!

Hugs, Beth

ADB said...

Good to hear you came through the chemo without major problems. Many's a time I've passed through Pluckley - never seen ghosts though, but they may well have been hiding in the trees nearby.