Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bluebell Hill Ghost

Several people have asked for more information about the ghost on Bluebell Hill. If you do a search on the internet there are several sites that will tell you about the sightings and possible explanations.

However most of them refer to a serious road accident in 1965 when a bride to be and her two friends were killed on the eve of there wedding. What they dont mention is that the accident happened on the old road and the ghost appears on the new road which is a dual carriageway which runs from Maidstone to Rochester Airport and the Medway Conurbation. (A229). One sight does mention a sighting back in 1934 so I think the evidence does not support the car crash theory especially as she died in the old West Kent Hospital in maidstone and not at the scene of the accident.

Another theory is that as the road (both old and new) pass very close to Kits Coty which is a prehistoric burial site which predates Stonehenge and where they also celebrate the summer and winter solstices. So there is a chance that at some stage the spirits of the past may of been disturbed. Again a search of thev internet will tell you about Kits Coty.

I would also like to say that having seen a ghost I certainly believe in them but I will tell you more about that another time.

Had a bad day trying to get to work today, was trying to get to Kent House station to do an audit but never managed to get there due to a fatality at Beckenham Junction.

Take Care



Ally Lifewithally said...

I do look forward to hearing about the ghost you saw ~ Ally x

Jon said...

Thanks for sharing the information - it is a fascinating story.....and we would indeed like to hear about the ghost you saw!

Sandra said...

That was interesting Andy, I`ve never SEEN a ghost but there seems to be too much evidence to dispute that they exist. I`m looking forward to hearing about your sighting.


Sandra xx

Delores Getmeslippers said...

You are leaving us on a cliff hanger, tell me about the ghost, tell me, please!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have been so interested in the blue bell hill case I would like to know if there was a photo of the bride to be as I have read about this sad case of the crash in the 1965 news papers there were photos of the others but not Susanne

Neil A said...

I have researched folklore around Blue Bell Hill for more than twenty years. All info required can be found at my friend's website, which explains the whole mystery. Hopefully Sean Tudor, who his the expert on the case, will one day have his book published on the ghost. Has has all the photo's etc,