Monday, 3 May 2010

Great Balls of Fire

Excuse the slightly humerous title but it reveals a serious and worrying situation.

Here in Maidstone we seem to have an arsonist on the loose. It started last week when fires were started in the toilets in Sainsbury's, Chequers Shoping centr and McDonalds, This was followed by a fire in a flat in Durham Close.

Worse was to come on Saturday, a fire was discovered in the lighting department at B & Q in Larkfield which fortunately was quickly dealt with. Half an hour later a serious fire was discovered in the Homebase store at South Aylesford. This started in the middle of the store in the timber department and as it is a DIY store it was full of flammable materials, paint white spirit etc it spread rapidly. The store has been completely destroyed and at one stage the temperature inside reached 600 degrees centigrade.

Fortunately no one has been injured in any of these incidents but I only hope the authorities catch the person responsible sooner rather than later.

Another piece of sad news has reached me about one of my fellow bloggers Jane. She has been suffering from kidney cancer for some time and unfortunately her condition has deteriorated over the last 24 hours. You can visit her blog at A Journey of another kind. Her fight against cancer has been truly inspirational and has been a great strength in my own fight.



Jan said...

Hi Andy ,I read Martinds entry on Janes blog ,very worrying isnt it ,she is such a brave Lady ,Gosh those fires must be causing alot of concerns hope they catch the arsonist before some thing really bad happens ,hope you are keeping well ,love Jan xx

Liz said...

Perhaps the fires were all accidental and a result of coincidence. I hate to think there is a mind so tortured that it only wants to set the world around it literally on fire.

My best wishes go to your friend Jane.

ADB said...

Sounds like a pyromaniac on the loose in Maidstone, Andy. Hope they catch him soon.

For reference, Jane's URL is:

Funnyface said...

Hi Andy....crikey this person seems on the ball for starting fires. Hope he/she is caught before someone is hurt.
Hope you are keeping well.
Jayne x